Health ball – preventive gymnastics to strengthen your health

Health ballThe exercise ball is also called a health ball because the ball contributes to physical stability. The different exercises with the ball not only promote your health but also increase your balance.

Back pain – what to do?

Not just the exercises are health precautions, even the simple sitting on the health ball helps your body tremendously. If you are one of those who have to sit on an office chair all day, you should be aware that sitting straight is the most common cause of back pain. If you are sitting longer, temporarily use the health ball, for example in combination with a suitable chair. How a ball chair looks like you can see here.
Because of the instability of the ball, your entire body muscles are stressed and your back muscles are strengthened because th body tries to keep the balance. You will have noticeably less back pain when used regularly.
But also different exercises help strengthening your back to get problems under control. We have listed some exercises with the health ball.
The ball only serves as a compensation for initial or recurrent pain. If your back pain is too strong, consult your doctor.

How long can I sit on the health ball?

Use the ball as a temporary chair replacement. Because the risk of accident increases the longer you spend on the ball. Particularly in the beginning your body is more strongly demanded, because the load is initially unusual. For this reason, do not sit on the ball too long. Limit the sitting on the ball to a few minutes. If you notice that it is easier for you to sit on the ball, you can gradually increase the sitting time.
If you have difficulties with the balance and the ball rolls away, you can use an exercise ball base or support to increase the stability. Alternatively, a ball chair can also be used.

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