Fitness - Medicine ballA medicine ball is a weighted ball made of vinyl, polyurethane, or leather ball that is portable, easy to store and comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It may range in size from that of a baseball to a basketball. Medicineball exercises are old school in that they are an old fashioned workout that’s been rediscoveredrecently by fitness experts everywhere. In addition to being used individually as a workout program, they are used by personal trainers in a group setting with a large number of people simultaneously.

Medicine balls are manufactured in six popular sizes, to allow performance of all exercises, from light one-handed throws to heavy two-handed ones. They are inexpensive and safe to use when used properly and medicineball training is fun.

Medicine balls are particular helpful for mimicking rotation movements of the body which may be inpractical with traditional free weights. Unlike other types of equipment, medicineballs train the body with the opportunity to get stronger due to the dynamic movements that require balance and coordination. Training with a medicine ball can form the core of a general strength training program or can be used to improve ball handling or other sports skills. In addition, balls are used for the rehabilitation of injuries.

Interestingly enough the widespread use of medicine balls has increased greatly. Trainers of all sports now insist on medicineball training for their athletes due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the programs that can be implemented since dozens of general and sport-specific exercises can be performed with medicine balls, and they are as much fun to use as they are versatile. It’s particular helpful for mimicking rotation movements of individual sports.

A word of caution, however. They are heavy and, if not used properly, can harm the novice user. Think of playing with a bowling ball and you might get the idea.

Medicine balls usually have a 14 inch diameter and can have a weight that is anywhere between 2 to 25lbs or 0.91 to 11kgs. They are most used by athletes because medicineball core exercises easily elevate the strength and power of an individual in any kind of sport. Medicine balls come in different materials and designs, although it is very common to have leather or vinyl exterior and a weighted, compact interior.

If you are new to medicineball training we suggest that you purchase a good medicine ball training book.

What are medicineball exercises?

Medicine ballMedicine ball exercises are a form of plyometric weight training wherein weighted balls called medicineball, exercise ball, med ball, or fitness ball, are used to help the individual trim down his/her core. Most athletes benefit from medicine ball exercises because they are an effective means of rehabilitation, strength training, and are a fast way of tightening up the abdominal area or the core.

Why are medicine ball exercises good for women?

The manageable size of the medicineball makes it easier to handle for women, compared to bulky training equipment such as weights. In terms of psychological perceptions, a ball is much more manageable to handle than a metal and heavy-looking dumbbell. As a result, women are easily more encouraged to practice exercises with medicine ball. Women can easily start with a light medicineball to get them started with their medicine ball training. After a few weeks of medicine ball workouts for women, their fitness trainer can increase the weight of the medicine ball they are using. This process makes it possible for women to focus on their practice rather than dreading the weight of their medicineball, which if it is indeed thought about by women, can cause non-optimum performance in training.
There are also medicine ball exercises that can be practiced by men. If you would like to develop your abs fast, learning and practicing a few medicine ball exercises for men can give you the results you want faster.

Medicine Ball Exercises

The medicine ball can be a good exercise tool and it might be used for total body workouts, because it strengthens the muscles and also burns fat. For individuals who involved in sports, fitness programs, crunches, push ups and sit-ups are most famous. These medicine ball exercises are effective in giving the muscles an essential workout in order to keep the individuals healthy. The medicine balls are the weight balls which would be used for resistance training. It comes in various sizes and weights which can perfectly fit different fitness level. When these balls are properly used, it targets in toning the muscle groups and strengthens the muscle core. Listed below are some of the medicine ball exercises that the individuals can try.

Medicine ball push-ups

It is also one among the exercises and the push-ups using medicine ball increase the challenge which the individuals give to their muscles in chest and arm. In order to do this exercises, the individuals are required to place their hand on either side of apex of ball. Move the feet slowly back until the body is straight and the hands and toes on the ball are the only support. Lower the chest and bend the arms to the ball. Next, extend the arms and press back into starting position. Repeat the process as tolerated.

Medicine ball sit-ups

The individuals can sit-ups with the medicine ball in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles. In order to perform these medicine ball exercises, one requires training partner who may assist them as they perform daily. Assume lying position with the legs straight on the floor. The individuals need to hold the ball in front at their chest level. Sit-ups slowly and pass that medicine ball to the assistant. Repeat this procedure from the starting. When people do not have partner, they can throw the ball against the wall & catch it as it return.

Medicine ball thrusters

These medicine ball exercises will mainly targets the legs and arms. It will be great at elevating the heart beat. In order to perform this, the individuals are required to hold medicine ball in front the chest when keeping their legs apart from hip-width. Push the butt back slowly and lower the knees. Assume squat position until the thighs will be parallel to the ground. Extend the arms quickly above the head, so that the body can be totally straight. Lower the arms & put the ball to the chest and repeat this sequence.

Chest Pass

In the standing position, hold the medicine ball at the chest level. It tightens the core area & push ball away about six feet away towards the wall. The strength should be applied when the ball is pushed. Catch the medicine ball at the chest height and repeat this procedure. The exercises can be great for toning & strengthening the shoulders, chest, core muscles and arms. One can use medicine ball exercises can be very useful when strengthening the muscles.

Medicine balls for sale

You need not purchase medicine balls in sets. Rather, consult with your fitness trainer and let him/her decide on what weight you should start with. Choosing the right weight of your medicine ball is the first step when practicing medicine ball exercises.

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