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How do I pump an exercise ball / stability ball or sitting ball correctly?

Depending on the purpose, the exercise ball / stability ball or sitting ball must be inflated differently. In the case of a sitting ball, it is better to fill the ball with less air to increase the stability. For this reason, the sitting ball should always be purchased with a diameter of 10 centimeters. If, however, you have to use exercise ball base or a ball chair, you can inflate the sitting ball more strongly.
The same is true if you want to use the ball for gymnastics exercises. To increase safety, it is also useful to pump a little less air into the ball during gymnastics exercises.

Before first use

Because the exercise ball / stability ball / sitting ball is not quite as flexible as before, you should only inflate the ball to 80 – 90% of its maximum size before using the ball for the first time and leave the ball to rest for about 24 hours. Also note that the ball must be filled at room temperature. This is important because the cold ball is still very stiff. The ball becomes more elastic day by day. You can then increase the pressure in stages.

How do I pump an exercise ball / stability ball / sitting ball?

Use standard air pumps for inflation. Inflatable boats or air mattresses. A small compressor is also very popular. Pumping is not nessesary. Also remember that the ball always loses a small amount of air and has to be inflated in the meantime.
With these tips, you should be able to easily fill the ball with air and then shape your body.
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