Bosu BallThe Bosu ball was made by David Weck in the USA in 1999  and comes from medical training. Bosu is a half ball with a flat and a curved side and stands for “Both sides up” or “Both sides utilized”. It means nothing else than the ball can be used on both sides. Due to its non-slip surface it is ensured that the half ball does not slump during the exercises. Due to the adjustable speed, the Bosu Ball is suitable for all age groups, from amateur to top athletes. The ball is available in two versions:

  • 55 cm diameter with a height of 18 cm (BOSU Sport)
  • 65 cm diameter with a height of 22 cm (BOSU Pro)

The 55 cm version is sufficient for home usage.

In addition to the Bosu Ball, there are of course other good products from Bosu, which intensify and improve the training. This includes, for example, the special Bosu exercise ball with a granulate filling or the stretch band (TheraBand).

What do I use a Bosu ball for?

The half ball is used for functional training, balance training, stabilization training and for strengthening exercises. With these exercises, you will improve your posture and body control, strengthen your back and brood muscles as well as the cardiovascular system.

How do I clean the Bosu ball?

The half ball can be cleaned with simple water or disinfectant spray. Under no circumstances should you use thinner or other cleaners that attack the surface.

Where can I buy a BOSU ball?

We have put together a selection of high quality balls. This compilation can be found at the end of this page.

How is the ball inflated?

Place the ball flat on the floor and remove the stopper. Now fill the ball slowly with air until the ball reaches the appropriate size. The size can be found in the package leaflet. For pumping air please use an air pump so that no moisture gets into the ball.

How do I keep the ball?

If you have several balls, you can place up to four balls on top of each other. For more than four, you should use a shelf. Since you usually only have one ball, you can simply store the ball with the flat sides, for example, in your cupboard or under the bed.


BOSU® Balance Trainer Pro / Balance and Fitness Trainer
This is one of the best training equipment on the market with a very good quality. Thats why this ball is often used by physiotherapists and fitness studios. Unlike the TOGU jumper, this ball has a slightly smoother surface. This means that you are not quite as tight on the ball with stockings. However, cleaning is much easier. At first the ball smells a bit, but after some time this vanishes. All in all a very good ball with good qualities. With the purchase you do not make a mistake. Also included with this BOSU ball is an air pump. Loadable up to 150kg.