bouncy ballThe bouncy ball, also known as a hopping ball, is very similar to the sitting ball, but has two handles. The children can hold on to the two handles to avoid a painful fall. Bouncyballs are suitable for children from the age of three. Meanwhile there are also modifications with a closed handle in the center of the ball. The newest bouncy balls are so-called hopping animals, which have the shape of an animal. There the children sit on the back of the animal and clinge to their ears. Hopping animals are already for children from the second year of life. While the child sit on it, do not be afraid that the ball will burst. The material is extremely resistant. In addition to a play device for children, the bouncy ball is also a tool for muscle building and, among other things, also serves coordination, strengthens the balance and promotes endurance. The nice thing about the ball is that children have a lot of fun when hopping. This ball animates the child to move and do something good for his or her health. The bouncy balls and hopping animals can be used both outdoors and indoors.

What to observe when buying a bouncy ball

The color selection is large. For this reason, you should make sure that you take the child’s favorite color. If the child is younger than three years, grab a hopping animal. On a hopping animal the child has a better hold. Because children like to put something in the mouth (for example, the handles), you have to pay attention to buy a clean ball. That is, a health-friendly ball. The balls or animals often smell of a chemical substance. We can only warn about this. Bouncy balls should be made of a durable material because the balls have to withstand a lot. Also pay attention to the valve: Many balls have an autoventil and can then be filled with air only by means of a suitable pump or at the filling station. The bouncers, however, usually have a normal bicycle valve. Another point is the nature of the handles. The handles should be able to withstand a lot and not tear from the ball. The handles must be sufficiently strong to provide maximum safety.

Inflate the first time

Please also pay attention to our instructions for inflating exercise balls and sitting balls. These tips also apply to the bouncy ball or the hopping animal. At this point we would like to show you some high-quality and harmless bouncyballs and hopping animals.