Balance DiscBalance disc as an alternative to exercise ball

The balance disc is a help to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the moving apparatus. Your back muscles and pelvic floor can be strengthened with the help of the pillow. The pillow can be used as a seat cushion and for yoga and pilates. Due to the possibly unstable underlay, the body tension increases. The muscles in the pelvis and back area are trained. As with a exercise ball, the equilibrium is naturally also strengthened. Therefore, the balance disc is a good alternative, which is also space saving. There are round and angular balance discs, which are mostly filled with air.

How does the balance disc work?

The following video shows you when and why you should use the balance disc:

Size, color and load capacity

Balance discs are available in different sizes with up to 50 centimeters for adults. This does not mean that the balance discs are suitable only for adults, the discs are also available for children. They are available in various attractive colors. In addition to color and size, however, you must pay attention to the load capacity. This is stated in kg.

Care of the pillow

As with the gym ball, you can simply use a rag and water for cleaning. The cushions are waterproof. For stubborn dirt you can use commercially available cleaners and disinfectants. Make sure that you do not use solvents, acidic or even corrosive cleaners. These attack the material.

Inflating the balance disc

The ball cushion is mostly filled. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to fill air. The balance disc is inflated with a ball pump. The ball pump usually requires an adapter for the needle valve.

Storage of the balance disc

Most ball cushions can be used up to 45 degrees, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight. This makes the material soft and useless later. The balance disc should of course not be exposed to the cold. Even here most of the discs can be used up to -10 degrees, but they should not be stored so cold in the long term. Store at room temperature.

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