Offers exercise ball / sitting ball

On the website of Amazon, there is a large selection of exercise balls. We would like to help you finding the right exercise ball. Not only quality but also price play a role. In addition to price and quality, Amazon customer reviews are also a very good guide. Based on these reports and the sales figures, we have selected the most popular products.

It is important that you know before buying how you want to use the ball. As an exercise ball, the body size ist important and the length of the lower leg is considered for the sitting ball. It may be that you are in a lucky position to use the ball for both purposes.

If you are looking for an exercise ball, look for the category “exercise ball“. However, if you are looking for a sitting ball, you have to search in the category “offers sitting ball“. Never use a gym ball as an exercise ball. There are differences in space safety and damping.

Tip: Please also note our size and selection information.

Exercise Chair
bouncy ball
Bosu Ball
TOGU Jumper