Exercise Ball ChairHave you noticed anyone at your work using an exercise ball instead of their chair? It seems to be a popular fad sweeping the nation trading in ergonomic office chairs for bouncy little ball, stability / exercise ball chair. This simple little ball can actually make your job a little more fun during the day while getting all your work done at the same time. There really is many different benefits you can get from switching out your chair with your exercise balls. Your ball during the day can help you achieve better balance, give you a better posture, but overall just really make the job a little bit more fun bouncing up and down that ball while you’re typing away on the keyboard.

Train your balance with an exercise ball chair

Now sitting on your exercise ball chair during the day will help teach you proper balance. Your body will have to constantly balance itself while you’re sitting on this unbalanced ball. Now if you think about it not only are you training your body in the proper body balance but you are also improving your posture at the same time. Because in order to have good balance your spine must be in the proper position hence good posture. Just make sure that you have the right size ball for your body.

Now you ask me how can I lose calories every day by just sitting on the ball? Will the answer that is really quite simple. You could possibly lose up to 400 calories a day by sitting on your exercise ball chair or balance ball just because your body is required to use many different muscles to keep the proper posture and balance while you’re sitting on your ball.

Now here’s where the fun begins with your stability / exercise ball chair

Stability Ball ChairHow much fun you really have sitting in your normal chair while you’re at work? I guess you could say that you can spin around in your chair a little bit inaccurate constitute as being fun. But just think, if you were sitting on an exercise ball you could easily be bouncing up and down which by the way his burning calories, and still be able to type and do all your normal work at the same time. Now with your body having it naturally correct its position to keep the proper balance on your exercise ball chair /exercise balls, i believe that this will keep you more energized and in doing so stop the boredom from setting in which will allow you to to ultimately get more work done with the time that you have.

Now if all sat in chairs for long periods of time and have noticed either your butt falls asleep or your legs start to hurt or you cramp up in some way that you have to stand up and move around or wiggle around in your chair just a little bit to get more comfy again.With the exercise ball, this will happen less because the blood circulation is constantly moving around as you said and naturally keep your balance on the ball. The best thing about sitting on your exercise ball instead of your normal office chair is just the plain fun and doing it. Not to mention quite the conversation starter with other coworkers who are having to sit in their non-fun normal chairs.

Are you an adult with poor posture, bad circulation, or horrible back problems? Do you or a child have ADD/ADHD? An Stability Ball Chair can be a very inexpensive solution for any of those problems and more. Exercise Ball Chairs can also help someone with low muscle tone or kids with sensory processing disorder.

A good stability ball chair will reduce the strain of working at a desk for a long period of time. If you decide to use an exercise ball chair at your work desk you can say goodbye to the aching of your arms, legs, and back. Sitting on an exercise ball promotes “active sitting”. Active sitting means that your body makes adjustments often to keep balance and mostly without you even realizing it. By sitting on an exercise ball, you will work muscles that are typically ignored while you are slouching on an old computer chair. By strengthening your body’s core muscle group, you help improve your posture which can lead to better balance and better protection against back injuries.

Moreover, because the exercise ball can be removed easily from the base, many exercise ball exercises normally done at the gym can be done wherever you use your chair.  When you are finished sitting, the removable exercise ball can be used to do ab exercises, leg exercises, and arm exercises as well as stretching and balance training.

Other Benefits to owning and Exercise Ball Chair:

  • Promotes correct ergonomic posture
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Helps relieve back, shoulder and neck pressure

Who should own an Exercise Ball Chair?

While the chair is suitable for anyone, it was especially designed for those people who spend a lot of time sitting. Unfortunately, most conventional chairs do not relieve or minimize fatigue – in some cases, they cause it.  Used correctly, Exercise Ball Chairs can not only increase blood circulation and help tone muscles, but they can also help relieve fatigue.

Types of Exercise Ball Chairs?

Exercise Ball Chairs are commonly referred to as the Fitness Ball Chair, the Ergonomic Ball Chair, the Yoga Ball Chair, and the Stability Ball Chair (although these chairs sometimes have different options).

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