Exercise Ball / Stability Ball / Gymnastic BallOne of the most popular tools for strength training is the exercise ball. These balls are so popular because they are both inexpensive and versatile; the list of exercises you can perform with them is literally endless. So how can you get involved in the gymnastic ball phenomenon? Here is a short introductory course.

First, what are exercise balls?

They are large, rubber, inflatable spheres that people use to strengthen various parts of their bodies. Most commonly, the balls are used for ab exercises, but they can also be used for your back, legs, and arms. They come in a variety of colors and size; you should pick the one that is best for you.

Very often our body posture is incorrect. Working at desks or carrying too heavy bags are reasons for this. In the long term this causes pain or tension in the soft parts of the body and the bone structure. Exactly these false loads or missteps can be prevented with a exercise ball / stability ball  / sitting ball.

How often and how long can I use the exercise ball?

Use the stability ball as a sitiing ball three times a day for 20 – 30 minutes each time and you will notice that you are doing better. Do not strain your body too much. Let them tackle it slowly. You can also use our advice in the category “exercise ball workouts“.

Can children also use an exercise ball or a sitting ball?

Even children can start early and promote their coordination and balance by using a bouncy ball. Children enjoy it and it’s healthy, too. Depending on the size and availability of the ball size, children can also use an exercise and sitting ball.

Where can I find further information about the exercise and sitting ball?

When using, you should note some things. You will find information in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

Is there alternative exercise equipment when using the ball?

You can improve your exercises with a gymnastics band or the Bosu ball. In any case, you should not act until it is too late to perform the gymnastic exercises as a preventive measure. There are various exercises to ease discomfort or improve the posture. For example, you can relieve the back using a sitting ball or balance disc. For many exercises, it is useful to use an exercise mat as the exercises on the floor are otherwise painful. As an alternative to a sitting ball or balance disc, you can also use a ball chair as a replacement for the ergonomic chair.

My exercise ball, sitting ball and hoppy has a hole, and now?

It can also happen that an fitness ball or bouncy ball gets a hole or crack. You do not need to discard the ball and buy a new one. With our “repair tip” you can reuse it.

Exercises Examples

Basic stability ball exercises involves supporting one part of your body while exercising the other parts. For example, a common exercise involves placing your feet on top of the ball for support,  laying your back on the floor, and doing crunches. Other exercises work your obliques by performing the same crunches sideways.

Arm and leg exercises are possible with the ball, but they are harder than ab and oblique exercises. You can do modified pushups by placing your feet on the ball, you palms face down on the floor, and pushing your torso towards the ceiling. For legs, try placing your legs against the side of the ball and touching the top of the ball with your hand (while keeping your legs straight).

For more exercises look here: Exercise Ball Exercises

But the ball can also be used for passive exercises.  For example, sitting on the ball while working (using the ball as a chair) can help strengthen the lower back muscles. Using the ball as a backrest while reading in bed will strengthen your abs.

As you can see, learning to use and exercise with a ball is not very difficult. You can get a full workout with just that piece of equipment, as it can strengthen your legs, arms, abs, and chest.  It is a key piece of equipment for any gym.

Exercise Ball Major Benefits

  • Aerobic capacity,
  • Stretching,
  • Strengthening,
  • Relaxation,
  • Balance,
  • Co-ordination,
  • Postural Control,
  • Sensory Integration and
  • Weight Loss

So where can you find an exercise ball?

Any good sporting goods store should stock them.  Some privately-owned stores may not carry them, but large chains will have a variety of sizes and colors in stock. But we have many variations for you!

Exercise Balls: Make Your Next Workout Fun

Modern research shows the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise, yet millions of Americans do not get an adequate amount of exercise, complaining that it is too difficult to go to a gym or have bulky exercise equipment.

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For people who don’t want to leave the house or have exercise equipment taking up precious square footage, an exercise ball may be the answer. Versatile exercise balls are usable for a wide variety of exercises, taking up minimal space in your home. Though they take up little space, they can provide an excellent workout that is not only beneficial to your health but can be fun, too. With an exercise ball, you can work your whole body, all from the comfort of your own living room.

Turn on the tunes, or watch your favorite program, while working out both your upper and lower body. Working out doesn’t have to be a chore. The most important part of a workout is preparing properly. Be sure to stretch and warm up before you begin. Start slowly and do not try to overdo it or you could cause yourself a setback, furthering hindering your progress. Learning to use your ball may take some time, and you may feel clumsy at first, but keep it up and soon it will be as easy as riding a bike.

There are many exercises to choose from, so do some research on the Internet and try them all. You will have your favorites, so stick to those. Just be sure that you have a variety in your regime, so that you work all muscle areas. Don’t concentrate on just one area, though you can do extra exercises for those stubborn areas where you feel you need the most work, but the key is to work out every part of your body. Stability ball exercises include such staples as push-ups, squats, frog jumps, and crunches, but in a unique and fun way.

Not only do exercise balls work out your body, but they improve other aspects, such as balance, stability, and strength. The exercises are also low impact, which means less stress on your bones and joints.

Exercising regularly is vital to living a healthy lifestyle, living longer, having more energy and more endurance, not to mention reducing your risk of health problems caused by obesity: like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Not only that, but you will soon find your clothes fitting better and you will have more confidence in yourself, and those are just a couple of the positive side-effects.

Exercise Balls Can Be More Then Just A Workout

Alternative Exercise equipments

You can improve your exercises with a gymnastics band or a Bosu ball. In any case, you should not act until it is too late to perform the gymnastic exercises as a preventative measure. There are various exercises to ease discomfort or improve posture. For example, you can relieve your back using a sitting ball or ball cushion. For many exercises it is useful to use a gymnastic mat. Otherwise it can be painful. As an alternative to a sitting ball or ball cushion, you can also use a exercise chair / stability ball chair as a replacement for the ergonomic chair. But you can extend your exercises with an Medicine ball.

Exercise ball with fitness belts

In addition to the normal exercise balls, there are balls on which laterally called fitness belts are attached. The fitness belts are elastic and also removable depending on the exercise ball. Use them to strengthen your trunk and upper body muscles. They have a double training effect on the muscles and the balance to be trained simultaneously. Thanks to the side-mounted fitness belts, the training becomes even more effective. The balls have the same characteristics like a conventional exercise ball.

What is to be considered?

The belts are stretchy and may cause pain if they slip out of your hands. However, this can not happen with a high-quality exercise ball with fitness belts, because the ribbons have sturdy handles for you having the ball and the belts firmly under control.