sitting ballWhat is the sitting ball used for?

The Pezziball is also used as a seat and also called a sitting ball. Very often, the sittingball is used in offices , Because of its instability it requires the whole body musculature, but especially the back muscles. However, it is important to ensure that the ball is not used too long because the instability of the ball increases the risk of falling. Notice the differences between an exercise ball and a sitting ball.

Which sitting ball should I buy?

The best sitting ball has got a so-called “anti-burst system” (ABS) and consists of the composite material Crylon. However, make sure that you do not buy an exercise ball when you are interested in a sitting ball. Reasonable sitting is hardly possible on an exercise ball. The reason for this is an attenuation (bouncing effect). An exercise ball is “more spongy” and not as firm as a sitting ball. Also the burst security is not given for every exercise ball.

Tips on buying
If you want to buy a sitting ball, be sure to check the differences, handling and size. You should buy a ball pump at a purchase because you have to pump up air again after prolonged usage.